Hi, I’m Briana. I love city living, especially in San Francisco, but having grown up in Aspen, CO, I’m a mountain girl at heart. When I’m not nerding out over the newest brand of almond butter or my evening yoga class, you can usually find me perusing the aisles at Whole Foods, writing in a cozy, neighborhood coffee shop, or at The Pad Studios where I'm a health and wellness coach and part-time manager. After studying creative writing and art at Colgate University, I worked at an ed-tech start up, an international bank, and an advertising agency.

In each of these different corporate environments I understood first-hand how difficult it can be to eat well and maintain a balanced lifestyle. To address this gap in my own life, I studied nutrition science and the foundation of eating well at Tufts University in Boston and received my health coaching certificate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. 

After implementing positive lifestyle modifications, setting boundaries, making space for a fulfilling personal life, and practicing intuitive eating, I noticed significant improvements in my productivity, focus, energy levels, sleep quality, and overall wellbeing—and other people noticed it too—I got promoted within six months. Coworkers started asking me for health coaching and my personal mission to make healthy living easy grew into a mission to help other professionals thrive within their current career demands.

This inspired me to launch my own nutrition and health coaching business with a mission to empower high-achieving, busy professionals to live healthier, more active, fulfilling lives. Over the past year I have helped over 50 clients improve nutrition and learn to eat intuitively, foster better sleep habits, increase energy, make physical activity doable and enjoyable, reduce stress and anxiety, and deepen their sense of happiness. 



Meditation Teacher at WITHIN Meditation

Institute  for Integrative Nutrition, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, Graduate Certificate in Nutrition Science for Communications Professionals

Colgate University, Bachelor of Arts