How to be healthy(ish) during Super Bowl Sunday


Because the Super Bowl is the second biggest eating day in the U.S. after Thanksgiving, I wanted to share 7 health tips to help you feel at least half-human on Monday morning. 


1. Get in some exercise before the game even if it's a quick 30-minute walk.

2. Don't show up to the party starving. Have a snack before you go like almond butter/banana, hummus/veggies, or yogurt/berries. This will help you avoid overindulging. You'll be more inclined to look at all of your food options before selecting your favorites instead of getting all the things because they're there. 


3. Beer strategy: choose to have either a few (1-4) quality beers or, if you're going for marathon drinking, stick to light beers or Guinness because they have under 130 calories per serving. Bonus: alternate between beer and water; you'll thank yourself tomorrow if you do this. 

4. To lower pizza's glycemic index and to make it a more balanced meal, add veggies and chicken. This will help keep your blood sugar stable. If you prefer plain pizza, you can have a couple of wings and a vegetable on the side. As delicious as processed meats are like sausage and pepperoni, steer clear of those on your pizza today since you’ll likely be having other treats.

5. Speaking of blood sugar, skip the soda.

6. Choose either guac and chips OR nachos but not both—they are basically the same thing anyway. For guac, try to get baked chips instead of fried (you can always bring a bag to the party). If you're going for the nachos, pull from the bottom where there is less cheese and toppings.

7. Remember to get up during commercial breaks every now and then. Do a little stretch or walk around—those extra steps add up.

Have fun and may be the odds be ever in your favor!

In good health,