How to "do less" and why it's important


What do I mean by do less?

It's easy to get into a pattern of feeling overwhelmed. Respecting your time first is the best way to get other people to respect your time. Interestingly enough, we are often a big part of our own sense of overwhelm. Here's my experience with a few things you could let go of this week to feel lighter and refreshed. 

1. Saying yes for the wrong reasons: Do you ever feel like you have totally overcommitted yourself in your personal life? I know I do! Sometimes I say yes because I think I should be doing something or because I feel bad or because I don't want to let anyone down... notice a pattern? On Sundays I like to write down my personal priorities for the week. That way I know exactly what I want to focus on, my to-dos are simplified, and it's a great way to gut-check if an invite or activity aligns with my priorities. 

2. Over-thinking: There's no need to lose ourselves in the "what ifs" and hypotheticals. When I notice ruminating thoughts come up, I like to acknowledge them without judgment and interrupt them by focusing on my breath and what's happening in the present moment. I also find it helpful to write down what's on my mind before bed. It's a way to get closure on the day and say goodnight to those thoughts so that they don't keep me up at night. 

3. Waiting for the right time: it turns out that there is not a "right" time or perfect time to take action in doing something you want to do. The biggest hurdle is starting—we can make excuses and overthink until we've convinced ourselves out of it (trust me, I've been there). Stop questioning yourself: you're already good enough to get started and you know better than anyone else what's best for you!

4. Living in the past: how often do we replay conversations we had, things that we said or wished we said, things that we did or didn't do? Trusting that you reacted exactly as you needed to in a given situation will help you live in the present. There's no need to let the past rob you of enjoying the present and looking forward to the future. 

5. Trying to please everyone: by pleasing everyone are you pleasing yourself or are you neglecting your own needs and desires? I used to be the queen of people-pleasing until I realized how detrimental it was to my own wellbeing. I learned to be empowered by the fact that it's nearly impossible to please everyone so I might as well honor what's good for me. 

In good health,