"Briana’s workshop at Care.com showed us that staying healthy during the holidays is totally manageable. Her tips and tricks allowed me to enjoy the holiday festivities without sacrificing my wellness. I’d definitely have her come again!" 

- Erin, Human Resources Representative, Care.com, Inc. 


"I truly enjoyed having Briana over at Visa, Inc for a Mediation, Nutrition and Stress Management workshop with Visa’s Young Professionals to discuss the importance of wellbeing in all aspects of our lives, such as stress management, healthy eating, physical activity, and even personal relationships. The group’s favorite part was the meditation session where Briana guided us through mediation on how to breathe, relax, and release stress. I think these workshops are extremely beneficial for the company to keep employees up-to-date on simple and applicable ways to keep their lifestyles balanced. These workshops are also great reminders of the role that other aspects of our lives play in job performance. So if workers want to be high performers, it’s important to also focus on other aspects of their lifestyles. I look forward to having Briana over again at Visa for another workshop." 

-Daniela, Client Consulting Manager, Visa, Inc.


Through lunch and learns tailored to employee interests and needs, cooking demos, office challenges, and meditations we can keep your employees informed about how to live their healthiest, happiest lives. 

Sample Wellness Talks

  • How to reduce stress/anxiety through nutrition

  • How to make healthy choices during business travel (ex: dining out, sleep, exercise)

  • How to beat the afternoon slump

Sample Workshops

  • Guided mindfulness meditation

  • Vision and goal setting

  • 10-day sugar detox office challenge


I can help make sure that your employees are fueling their bodies for optimal brain power, focus, energy, and health. With a better diet comes increased productivity, fewer sick days, and overall happier employees. 

  • Nutritional assessment of current snack food offerings

  • Individualized recommendations on budget-conscious, healthy modifications

  • Collaboration with your current snack vendor


Through one-on-one, in-house coaching I can help your employees: 

  • Improve nutrition and eat intuitively

  • Foster better sleep habits and increase energy

  • Make physical activity doable and enjoyable

  • Reduce stress/anxiety and deepen sense of happiness

  • Make space for restful, positive time away from work


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