In each program we will explore concerns and aspirations specific to your body and lifestyle. Together we will create a health and wellness plan to help you shape the life you envision. 


I do in-person coaching in San Francisco, CA and remote coaching nationwide. In-person sessions can take place in Workshop Cafe meeting rooms in FiDi or SoMa. Weather permitting, I also host sessions in parks if the client wants to use our time to get exposure to fresh air and greenery.  


Ideal for people who want a quick health reset.

If you’ve been feeling stressed, tired, and/or overindulging recently, this program is a great way to recharge, set personal wellness goals, and get back on track. During weeks one and three you will email me a photo of your meals and snacks each day. The next morning, I will provide feedback, ideas for improvement, and a daily health challenge. By the end of the month you will have learned the foundations of healthy eating, balanced living, and feel like a fresh version of yourself. 


Ideal for people who need someone to hold them accountable to setting and achieving their goals. 

This program is a great way to learn how to optimize your health and lifestyle within the parameters of your career demands. Not only will we explore foods that are right for your body, but we'll also go beyond diet and foster better sleep habits, make physical activity doable and enjoyable, increase energy/reduce fatigue, make space for restful, positive time away from work, and identify your stress triggers so that you can recognize them before they arise to avoid burnout. You'll also learn how to stay healthy while traveling, during client dinners, and at late nights at the office.


Ideal for people who want to make healthy living lasting and sustainable. 

It offers all the same benefits as the three-month program but with added emphasis on building fulfillment in aspects outside of your career and deepening your sense of happiness, sensuality, and connection. If you feel like you're always trying to lose weight, thinking about food in negative ways, and have strong negative self-talk, we will explore where and why you are struggling and how to overcome it. We will deconstruct cravings and emotional eating. By the end of the program you'll not only have confidence in your work but also in yourself.



30-minute coaching session

50-minute coaching session

Diet journal analysis

Pantry clean out and grocery store tour

Guided Meditation