Urban Wellness designed a program specifically to help you look and feel your best on your wedding day and to enjoy the journey leading up to it.



This program is right for you if you want to: 

  • Lose or manage weight sustainably without going on a crazy, crash diet

  • Have radiant skin, high energy, and authentic confidence

  • Learn how to eat intuitively so that you can maintain your weight post-wedding

  • Manage the stress and anxiety that often accompanies planning a wedding (let's face it, it's another full time job!)

  • Exercise in a way that feels fun, doable, and produces results



About the Wedding Wellness program

During this 3-month program you will be mentored, supported, educated, and held accountable so that you can achieve your goals and feel your absolute best on your special day! 

  • Get 2 Coaching sessions per month—between sessions you'll have personalized, clear action steps to be working on

  • Complete a 14-day Sugar detox for radiant skin, increased energy, and reduced bloating

  • Learn how to best shop at the grocery store and how to read/interpret nutrition labels

  • Learn tips on how to dine out so that you can keep up your social life and be healthy too

  • Explore foods that are right for your body

  • Deconstruct cravings and emotional eating

  • Foster better sleep habits to regulate hunger hormones, improve skin health, and reduce stress

  • Make physical activity doable and enjoyable

  • Increase energy/reduce fatigue

  • Create space for restful, positive time away from work (and wedding planning!)

  • Practice powerful tools to reduce and manage stress and anxiety

  • Deepen your sense of happiness, sensuality, and connection